Company DraGor – Tod Ltd. was founded on 28th of January in 1993. , as a private company for trading, and brokerage services. Till 1996. , The Company was engaged in the trade of building materials. In that time, it expanded its range of universal scaffolding in collaboration with IMT ad. Upon closure of the production facility of IMT, the company starts its own production, and performs pre-registration of basic activity into the production of metal structures.

The first manufacturing plant was located in Vinca , in a rented space . Raw material was being delivered from the pipes factory “Unis ” from Derventa and finished products were being delivered to domestic market.

As demand for DraGor – Tod products begins to grow, the company moves to a larger rented space which allows greater production capacity, as well as expanding the range of finished products.

Soon, in addition to scaffolding, DraGor – Tod has to offer a dozen kinds of props and other formwork and masonry equipment. At that time, the company signs first export contracts. Increasing volume of business needs requires a larger production facility that will be owned by the company. After taking the Development Fund loan, in 2003., DraGor – Tod begins to build the hall on 800m2 . Construction lasted for one year and in 2004 the company moved into a functional and modern equipped manufacturing facility, which further enabled the production of metal constructions for manufacturing plants, industrial railings and stairs. In 2007. We started the construction of commercial building area on 214m2 in which the company has moved in, in 2008.


Its main activity is the production of metal structures, which includes the production of scaffolding, accessories thereof, production of construction props of different sizes and capacity, metal structures for manufacturing plants, industrial railings and metal stairs. It’s highly important that all the products are tested. IMS INSTITUTE as well as the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade proves their quality. In addition to production, the company is engaged in the trade of goods and metal pipes of different profiles, as well as in trade of health and safety equipment.


Our strategy involves expanding the range of products and increase of business volume. We plan to produce several new types of building props that will be completely new in our region. As we have high quality products that have already won the domestic market, our future plan is spreading to foreign markets.